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SALES: Clothes and other stuff!
- 100% feedback at an LJ post, MUA, and eBay here!
- PayPal only. I can do concealed cash, but I'd rather not because it takes so much time to receive the payment.
- Shipping is NOT included. Comment with your location so that I can calculate. I am willing to ship anywhere as long as all costs are paid for.
- I am not responsible for packages once they're out of my hands. I will provide proof from USPS receipts if necessary. (This has not happened ever in my selling experience.)
- Sales are final. Also, I don't trade.

I am very open to negotiations so try me! I just want to get rid of everything. But please, no lowballing. :)


Hello Kitty iPhone 4/4S case


Jeggings from The GAP
Size 4
Almost like brand new, I've only worn once or twice

Old Navy boxers
Size medium
Good condition

BDG v-neck from Urban Outfitters
Size medium
Good condition

Forever 21 navy blue dress
Size small
Almost like brand new, I've only worn this once
$10 (purchased price: $22)

Free People plaid raglan (sorry it's not ironed...)
Size 4
Almost like brand new, I've only worn this once because I bought on impulse
$10 (purchased price: $80)

Abercrombie & Fitch light green striped long-sleeve
Size medium
Good condition

BN GAP white favorite tee
Size medium

Please only contact me if you have intentions of purchasing. Thank you!

Jonas Brothers 3d Concert Experience poster,Seventeen Magazine June 2009 with Jonas Brothers, and I'll take the Jonas Brothers Rolling Stones Magazine(the 3.00 one)


my email is:

I'd love the Alex Johnson (The Cab) postcard :)

email me @ :*

is the Warped tour poster still available??

Is the headband, necklace and twloha pin still available?

The headband and the TWLOHA pin are still available! :) What's your email?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I'm interested in a few things, I'll just email you if you don't mind :)

Do you still have the JoBros Rolling Stone issue? And how much were you wanting for your Polaroid camera?

Yes, I do! Can we talk about this through email?

Hi, i'm interested in one of your polaroid cameras and some film my e-mail is, talk to you soon! :)

I emailed you! :)

(Deleted comment)
is the SX-70 polaroid (first one) still available?

I'm going to email you also!

Interested in the polaroid film. Wondering how much have/ how much you're asking for it. Email me and let me know? . :]

I emailed you already! :)

Hi! I'm sorta interested in the GK poster. :)

Haha, yay! Where are you located?

i'm interested in the two packs of polaroid film. how much were you looking to get for each? is $16 to low?

Can we talk about this through email?

hi! im really interested in the polaroid film!
just wondering if youd be willing to ship to australia?? ill pay for shipping! :)
you can email me at:
also just wondering what the highest ~bids are on them right now??

Hey there! I'll email you answering all your questions. :)

hi, i'm interested in the signed warped tour program, a honda civic tour program, and 2 friday night boys stickers.
you can email me at :)

Hey! I just emailed you about the items. :D

Interested in the polaroid and film - shipping to Canada...


Hi, can you let me know what you have left of the polaroid film and how much you're looking for? My e-mail is! Thank you!

i'm interested in the paramore ap mag and 1 riot sticker how much is the s&h for VA?

The online USPS shipping calculator said it'd cost $5. Is that okay? :)

hi i like the babycakes pin and babycakes i partied on warp tour post card.
so thats $0.75+0.44 shipping right?

Hey there! Yeah, so that's $1.19. Can you do PayPal?

do you still have the 2 taylor swift magazines available still? :]
if so, e-mail me? :D

How much is shipping for the paramore magazine?

hello, i am back again :)
can i have 1 hey monday sticker and 1 versaemerge sticker?

.25+.25+.20 shipping=.70

is this right?

my email is

contact me with price and paypal email :)

hii i'm interested to the Team Jonas stuff!
i add u !

Re: Team Jonas stuff

You just emailed me, right? :)

Is the polaroid camera and film still available? If so, mail me please ( with the information :)



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